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Meet The Team

Brendan Miggins, Senior Member

Brendan Miggins decided he wanted to become an architect at age 8. This lead him to the University of Notre Dame where he studied art, architecture and design in Rome. Here his eyes were opened to the world at large, to Renaissance ideals and examples of versatile, creative individuals like Leonardo DaVinci who were unbounded by singular labels like artist, architect, inventor.
Brendan practiced architecture, art, and all manner of creative impulse while living in Texas and New Mexico—then returned to his birthplace of Connecticut. After caring for his parents through the end of their lives, Brendan has found a new mission: People fully empowered in their creativity, creating a world alive with Love and Joy, Grace and Beauty. His new focus in NFTs, with its promise of artist empowerment, advances the expression of that mission.

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Josh Nielson, Senior Member

As a self-taught/multi-disciplined creative force with an entrepreneurial mindset/team ethos for the last twenty-two years, Josh has mentored countless clients, team members and students on how to monetize their passions to create a sustainable, mission-guided, purposeful life and achieve a level of self-governance that is deserved, and our basic right. 


A published photographer, music video producer, and seasoned musician having created over 200 songs while working for various record labels and starting his own, Josh has become a social media influencer, scaling accounts over the 10k milestone. He is also noted for creating distinguished marketing and branding materials, all while simultaneously incorporating the psychological, sociological, therapeutic, and nutritional aspects of a fully realized life into his own growth as an artist. At present--at this seminal moment in the history of art, with the convergence of amazing projects, partners, and collaborators—Josh feels the stars have aligned for him, and the people he aims to help, to bring forth exciting new cultural and real experiences into the world. 

A Bay Area native, Corinne has worked in the film industry for over two decades. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in Communications and a Minor in Spanish Literature and World Arts & Culture, she spent 7 years working with acclaimed Mexican director, Alejandro González Iñárritu on Darkness- 11’09″01, 21 Grams, Babel and Anna. In 2007, she moved to New York to work with British director, Sam Mendes, on Revolutionary Road and Away We Go.


After moving to Paris in 2009, Corinne has produced several works ranging from feature-length documentaries, video works for dance & theater, portrait projects, a television pilot to commercials and short films with directors including González Iñárritu, Asa MaderBenjamin MillepiedFleur & ManuTopaz Adizes, Glen Luchford, Dustin Lynn, Danny Forster, Joe RomanRob Chiu, Thibault Jouvent, Martin Neumann, Gonzalo Arijon, Siam Mohammed, to name a few.  Featured artists include Mikhail Baryshnikov, Lea Seydoux, Benjamin Millepied, Angelo Badalamenti, Mel Chin, Flo Morrissey, SaintDX, Blanche, for brands such as Apple, Airbnb, L’Oreal, DS, MOOG Music, Orange, etc. A number of projects have also been featured on Nowness. Most recently, she was the Associate Producer of Stillwater, the latest feature film from director Tom McCarthy, starring Matt Damon.


Corinne is currently based between France and California and is working on a number of film, television and art project with her company Carpe Omnia Productions. She also continues to be a Founding Partner of Atelier MELD - a creative production and consulting studio melding art and science to create new perceptions on climate-related issues and their consequences. Atelier MELD produces custom-made activations and advise on creative branding solutions anchored in sustainability.

Corinne Weber, Senior Member

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Emanuel Martinez
Chair, Board of Advisors

Mr. Martinez is the General Managing Director of GreenHills Ventures, LLC, a private investment holding company managing several investment arms headquartered in New York City and Luxembourg with offices in Madrid, Singapore and Ireland. Mr. Martinez manages the firm's investment activities, portfolio management activities, strategic partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions with a primary focus on the sectors in which the firm makes its investments. Prior to joining GreenHills Ventures, Mr. Martinez is a private investor who participated in the successful acquisition of by YouthStream Media Network (OTCBB: YSTM) for $125 million and E@wonders, Inc. by BuyItNow for $150 million. Mr. Martinez is also a financial consultant and advisor to various multi-family offices and corporate investment firms. Mr. Martinez brings a wealth of investment and merger and acquisitions experience. Prior to GreenHills Ventures, he was Managing Director for Mergers & Acquisition at Citibank, NA, and at Managing Director for Centurion Holdings at American Express Corporation, and management positions at Coastal Oil, Inc. Inlumen, Inc., Dial Corporation, Seagram's Beverage Corporation, Olsten Financial Services, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP (formerly Coopers & Lybrand, LLP). In 1994, Mr. Martinez was appointed by the Governor of Georgia, Zell Miller, as a member of “Operation Legacy” to work with Fortune 1000 companies in preparation for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Mr. Martinez holds a M.B.A in Finance and a B.A. in Accounting from St. John's University and a former Certified Public Accountant. He earned a Post Graduate degree in Executive Management Program in Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Finance from the Harvard Business School. Mr. Martinez is a Limited Partner of GH Fund I, GH Fund II, GH Wealth Management Holding, GH Angel Capital Group and serves on the advisory board the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce (Spain US Chamber of Commerce), the AngelPool Advisory Board (AngelPool), and VigiTrust LTD (VigiTrust LTD) among a few of his investment activities. Mr. Martinez is an investor and shareholder in AdmieMobile, True Share Vault, Cloudnician, N2-GS, Inc., Soshio, Inc., Cyberis Group (CyberisGroup), EdgeChain (EdgeChain) and a member of Board Prospects (BoardProspects) among other organizations. Mr. Martinez and GreenHills Ventures support several charitable organizations, civic organizations, law enforcement agencies including New York City Police Benevolent Association (NYCPBA) . Mr. Martinez supports the homeless and soup kitchens in New York City. Mr. Martinez is fluent in Spanish, conversant in Italian and Hebrew (Ladino) and lives in New York City.

James White, Senior Member


I was born and raised in North Carolina in a county that was consistently in the bottom half of the 100 counties, more specifically in the bottom 25% for Healthcare, education, jobs and income. Being a book smart student was not appealing to those around me and before high school, was influenced into street life. The streets shaped a portion of teenage and young adult years that led to being booked into the system. While serving the required time, a love developed for trading and finance. Developing this skill during waking hours sparked a passion within and continues to this day. Precision Investment Partners, LLC (PIPsLLC) was developed out of this passion. PIPs LLC is an educational platform where like-minded individuals come together to learn all things finance. Being an educator and leader on this platform provides an avenue to teach those in younger generations how mistakes can affect your life and show the importance of financial literacy.

William Janiec, Senior Member


William is a single dad and a  writer. He was born and raised in Seattle, WA, received a BA, English, from the University of Washington, and moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1980s and attended USC in the Film and Television School. His agent was Mickey “Cowboy” Freiberg, with The Artist Agency, then Metropolitan. He’s been interested in crypto for over a year, which dovetailed into an exploration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the renaissance of art through new digital technologies.

Spencer Gordon-Sand, Senior Member


Spencer Gordon-Sand is a Venture Capital investor at Unmatched Ventures and is also Director of operations at Lofty Ventures. Spencer has previously been in the C suite of four startups, 2 of which were venture-backed and one of which was acquired. Before beginning his career in business Spencer competed in world cups in team USA in the sport of fencing. Spencer has also worked as a photographer for Nike and Redbull and directs fencing cinematography for music videos and commercials. 

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