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Your Local Art Advisor

The Artists Advisory Group (AAG) mission is to empower and democratize artists from around the world—to administer hope and raise self-esteem among marginalized and under-represented artists for them to contribute to the greater good of their communities. Engaging in our proprietary Unlimited Potential (UP) platform will allow them to promote and commercialize their art through branded licensing, curated shows, and non-fungible token (NFT) auctions and sales. Our goal is to bring prosperity to these artists and the communities they represent.


Telling Stories / Building Brand

When we commercialize art, we actively work to tell the story of the artist we are working with and help develop a personal brand that extends beyond our first collaboration with them. 

Commercializing Works

Through partnerships with some of the world's top manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, AAG brings artists' works to life by licensing work for commercial distribution on clothing, home goods, and other commercial mediums. 

Sculpture Exhibition


AAG works with top galleries and art merchants to sell physical pieces after commercializing them. The association with the clothing line or other commercialized/licensed assets helps drive interest in both the commercialized work and others created by the artist. 


As the digital art world continues to evolve, AAG is committed to staying at the cutting edge of trends and technology to best support and serve our artists. In the current environment, we believe that there is a huge opportunity for emerging artists in the NFT space. AAG includes several NFT experts within our ranks and seeks to sell digital versions of the commercialized work. 

Digital social media
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